Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If technology is needed, we provide all students with new chromebooks.  Students are welcome to use their own technology as well.  Although tablets are great tools for learning, we do not recommend tablets for the virtual program.

Yes.  As long as you reside in the state of Minnesota and meet the K-8 age criteria, you may enroll at Level Up Virtual Academy.

Yes.  Level Up Virtual Academy is an approved online provider recognized by the MN Department of Education.  Our program and curriculum is intentionally designed for the virtual setting and flexible lifestyles that our families desire.  We have dedicated teachers, online coaches and administrators specific to our virtual program. 

No. Our virtual program is designed to be flexible and developmentally appropriate for all learners.  Each day your child will have some mandatory meetings.  However, the majority of the day is flexible, asynchronous work.  This flexibility allows families to set their own schedules and allows your children the freedom to set breaks as needed. 

There are several help sessions throughout each day, so your child will always have a teacher ready to assist them with academics or troubleshoot any issues.  This gives parents and caregivers peace of mind to know that they aren’t the only adult helpers throughout the day.

Yes.  We use a highly rated virtual curriculum so that learning can be seamless.  In addition to core academics, we teach Coding, Habits of Success, and have weekly PE and STEAM challenges.  Our mandatory community building circles are designed to foster relationships and allow students to connect with each other daily.

Yes. We are a public school approved by the state of Minnesota.  Like all public schools in Minnesota, special education services are a part of our programming.  We have dedicated special education teachers and service providers to meet the needs of students with IEPs.

We are here to support you!  Email or call our Director of Mission and Vision, Amber Espinosa, to learn more!