Our Team

Molly Dandelet

Executive Director

Daniel Juhlke

Director of Operations & Dean of Students

Amber Espinosa

Director of Mission and Vision

Leslie Sieleni

Office Manager

Lisa Jaroslawski

Special Education Coordinator


1st Grade Teacher

Regan Berman

Middle School

Amy Colombo

4th Grade Teacher

Destiny Contreras

Virtual Special Education Coach

Jenny Diederich

Special Education Teacher

McKenzie Gagne

Special Education Teacher


3rd Grade Teacher & Student Experience Lead

Maddie Holmgaard

6th Grade Teacher

Katy Jermann

Virtual Teacher

Clarice Kelling

STEAM Teacher

Kyle Krueger

7th/8th Grade Teacher

Katie Lendway

5th Grade Teacher

Sam Mathias

2nd Grade Teacher

Amelia Miller

Middle School Fusion Teacher & Communications Lead

Laura Pfandler

Virtual Special Education Teacher

Laurisa Rosenow

Physical Education Teacher

Jennifer Squires

Kindergarten Teacher & Compliance Lead

Ellie Wood

Title 1 Teacher


Jessica Totino

Office Assistant

Beth Wolkerstorfer

Kitchen Supervisor

LUA Paraprofessional Team

School Board Members

Brittany Halverson

Board Chair
Parent Representative

Regan Cerza

Vice Chair
Educator Representative


Educator Representative

Jennifer Squires

Educator Representative


Educator Representative

Wendy Sederstrom

Community Representative

Ashley Thoma

Parent Representative

What is the role of our LUA school board?

The Level Up Academy Board of Directors guides our strategic direction. Critical functions of the Board include hiring and evaluating the Director, establishing LUA’s strategic plan, and safeguarding the school’s financial stability. 
Level Up Academy School Board meetings are held every month on the second Thursday unless noted otherwise in the meeting dates link below.  The board meetings begin at 6:00 PM and are held in the LUA Fireside Room (see school address below) as well as via Zoom.  For more information, please email info@levelupacademy.org